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BMC Agonist

Race beyond the tapes

Race beyond the tapes

The Agonist is race-ready, and maybe you've even strapped on a number plate or two, but your biggest competitor is you. And you demand the best.

Its fast yet balanced nature dares you to conquer long climbs, descend with confidence, and corner with control, while tuned APS suspension delivers the ultimate combination of efficient climbing and controlled descending - so charge as hard as your legs and heart will allow, and come back grinning... even if the only ones watching are the birds and the deer.

The Big Wheel Concept is all about confident rollover, quick cornering, and intelligent frame design. Big wheels are perfect for any day, whether that means adventure, racing, or simply fun with friends. The Agonist's Hidden Shock Activation and full cable integration lead to a seamless, sleek design with an additional benefit: to protect from wear and tear.

From fast lunch rides with colleagues and scaling high peaks, all the way to a brutal day of racing - the Agonist is for those who like to test body against mind and muscle against muscle.

Your side-kick for heroic days that are stamped on your memory.

Efficiency and full control

Efficiency and full control

APS suspension translates power to speed while giving you a sensitive level of control on more technical trails.



Big Wheel Concept (BWC) is the solution for confident rollover and agile handling. BWC maximizes the benefits of 29” wheels without compromise.

Performance and reliability

Performance and reliability

Decades of carbon manufacturing expertise and meticulous attention to detail enables BMC to develop carbon frames that push the limits in terms of stiffness, weight, and aggressive tube shapes.

Functional design

Functional design

Complete internal cable routing looks sleek, while actively protecting cables from the elements.


1. Hidden Shock Activation
A fully integrated, remote activated, rear shock lockout for clean looks and minimized wear and tear.

2. BWC Big Wheel Concept
Experience the advantages of bigger wheels: traction, control, rollover.

3. IP Cable Routing
Prevents rattling, facilitates routing through internal carbon guide tubes.

4. Integrated Protection
Molded downtube and chainstay guards keep the frame safe from impacts, in a refined design package.

5. Mud Flap / Hidden Link
Hides all cables between the rear triangle and the main frame; keeps bearings clean.

6. Multi Port
Lets you ride the bike with or without a front derailleur.

7. APS Advanced Pivot System
Efficient and durable suspension system with an endurance tune. Supports you on the uphill while being fully active on the downhill.

8. Low Standover Height
Confidence, regardless of rider height.

Integrated cable routing

Internalized cable housing

Internalized cable housing

Hidden Shock Activation

Hidden Shock Activation

This technical solution blends the functionality of a remote shock lock-out with the durability and the clean looks of internal cable routing.

Hidden Link cable routing

Hidden Link cable routing

The rear derailleur and rear brake cables are routed through the Agonist’s ‘Hidden Link’ for a stealth look and increased durability.

Integrated protection

Lower Link Mud Flap

A mud flap on the Lower Link decreases wear and tear.

Downtube and Chainstay Protectors

Protectors on the downtube and chainstay increase resistance to impact preserving the bike long-term.

Swiss Design

More than just a Link

More than just a Link:

Best-in-class design combines excellent torsional stiffness, cable integration and innovative protective solutions.

Endurance specific APS Tune

ABS Tune
ABS Tune



The Agonist’s geometry is tailored to deliver the best endurance riding experience:

A slack head tube angle and a long front-center provide better control and stability over standard XC Race geometries.

A low standover delivers a confident ride in all situations, regardless of rider height and frame size.

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